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March 7, 2015

Bringing stories to life on location


This is part of my Gruffalo themed crafts and activities you can try with your little ones.



One of our favourite activities is taking the story out of the house and in to a real life setting. We are lucky enough to have woods very close and this is the perfect back drop for a Gruffalo adventure.


Before we go on our adventure we pack our bags with seeds and nuts for the animals, have a quick read of the story, and then we are on our way.


'A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.'


When in the woods we start to look for the mouse, we listen to see if we can hear him. Often we will pretend we can, and run to see if we can find him under leaves or in the roots of trees.

As the search continues through the forest we look for the snake, the owl, and the fox in turn. Of course we always end our adventure by finding the Gruffalos house (who is conveniently busy on his own adventure!).


A real interactive and great way to spend time with your little ones on a weekend!



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