Private Groups with friends and family

You choose the venue, the story and who you invite.


The maximum number we can safely accommodate is 14, this includes the grownups.

These groups will be held outside in your garden or local park and so I will come to you!

The space is clearly marked so everybody knows their area and it is recommended that you bring a blanket to sit on to help define your space.

The facilitator will keep a three metre distance at all time.

Each family will have a bag of the following equipment, including


  • Quick craft materials

  • Puppets

  • Musical instruments

  • Sensory equipment to help the children join in with the story.

All equipment will have been sanitised and cleaned and are only used once a day and are cleaned also after the group. Sanitiser and wipes are available thought the session. 

The sessions are very interactive and all children are encouraged to participate. The group last 45 minutes and start with a quick craft related to the story. Often this is something that can be used in the session and of course you get to take it home. For BaBy Boo groups, there will be sensory play related to the story.

The charge for a private group starts at £50 for five families.


Amelia Boo Stories takes full responsibility for the following

Amelia Boo Stories agrees to take the appropriate measures to ensure minimised risk of Covid-19 contamination. This includes making sure the area for the each family is clearly marked, sanitising all props and equipment, and maintaining a safe distance between children and parents.

Amelia Boo Stories agrees to follow appropriate health and safety measures for sessions in the park and

will ensure an appropriate and safe place is used for the sessions.

The facilitator agrees that to their knowledge neither they or anyone in their household have any symptoms linked to Covid-19, as described by the NHS.


The named adult who signs in at the start of the class will take responsibility for the following

The named adult must take full responsibility for helping the child/ children in their care keep a safe distance between the facilitator  and others in the group.

The named adult must sign in at the start of the class and leave a contact phone number that will be disposed of after a month.

The named adult will only attend the group if to their knowledge neither they or the child have any symptoms linked to COVID-19, as described by the NHS.

All sessions follow the weather permitting terms and conditions as seen below. the parent/guardian agrees to this.


Refund Policy

The booker agrees there will be no refunds unless the following occurs

-A member of your household is tested positive/ displays symptoms of Covid-19.

-Government guidelines change meaning that we can no longer run our group safely.

-The park/ private land has withdrawn its use.

- Amelia Boo Stories cancels the sessions due to bad weather.


Rescheduling/ Cancelling your session will be allowed up until 48 hours prior to the session.

Weather Policy

Should there be a light drizzle will find an appropriate place to do the session under cover.

The forecast will be checked on the morning of the group and Amelia Boo Stories will email you if the group is cancelled due to bad weather.